AGV Checklist

1. General (Certified) Dealer Information

Dealer name
Postal code
Telephone number
Filled in by (name)
Direct telephone number
Direct email
Checklist fill-in date
Dealer experience with earlier AGV projects

2. General Customer Information

Company name
Postal code
Telephone number
Contact person
Direct telephone number
Direct email
Core business client at above location
Time of operation
Scope of service

3. Technical specifications vehicle.

Type / function of AGV
Maximal dimensions (l x w x h) in mm
Maximal weight in kg. (restrictions?)
Maximal speed with and without load (restrictions?)
Type of track guidance
Special wheels required (non-marking, cleanroom) ?
Special hook required to connect to the load ?
Automatic / manual load (dis)connection
Connected-load indicator(s)
Expected operating time without charging
Energy system
Charging system
Expected turnaround time
Expected movements per hour
Front safety protection
Side safety protection
Hook safety protection
Warning / safety optical and acoustical signals
Manual or (semi) automatic controlling of the AGV
Order generation
Communication with the AGV
Special requirements and other comments

4. Load & load carrier technical specifications

Type of load / freight (material / characteristics)
Maximal load / freight dimensions (l x w x h in mm)
Maximum load weight in kg. (trolley & carrier included)
Type of load carrier
Maximum allowed speed of the load carrier
Type of wheels of the load / freight carrier
Brake condition of the load / freight carrier
Number of load carriers behind each other
Hook connection method, way of load coupling
Special requirements and other comments
Detailed photos of the load & carrier required!

5. Environment

Temperature in °C
Average relative humidity in %
Nature of travel path/track/floor
Inequality of the path/track/floor
Height differences between several areas
Other vehicle traffic on the same path / track / floor
Unclear / bad overview danger places on the track
Reduced speed zones
Footpaths / pathways parallel with the AGV
Cable ducts and concrete steel in the floor
Escape routes crossing AGV track
Charging areas next to the AGV track
Minimum headroom heights
(Temporary) obstacles on the track / floor
Special plant regulations Automated Guided Vehicles
Local government regulations Automated Guided Vehicles
Detailed environment drawings required

6. Driving track and layout

Total route length in meters
Minimal path width on straight lines
Maximal and minimal bend radius of the track
Intersections on the track
Equivalent traffic on the same track
Number of load transfer stations on the route
Gateways to be passed on the route
Number of automatic doors to be passed
Special fire / gas protecting gates to be passed
Airlocks to be passed on the route
Number of path crossings by people
Number of path crossings by vehicles (forklifts etc.)
Quantity and type of expected pollution
Expected normal damage of the track
Detailed layout with dimensions is required
Special requirements and other comments
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